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Story of our company

Our company is one of the largest agricultural equipment manufacturing companies in Békés County and in the Great Plain. The Company is also well known by its growing automotive segment.

Main events of Linamar Hungary Zrt.:

1948: Operations began in Orosháza focused primarily on the maintenance of agricultural equipment.

1972: Began to manufacture corn heads.

1985: Began selling corn headers designed by the Company to the West European market.

1989: Began to export corn headers to the North American Market and became the market leader.

1990: Began production of combine cores, feeder housings and other agricultural subassemblies.

1991: The Company was incorporated.

1992: Linamar Corporation purchased MEZOGEP RT. as part of the Hungarian privatization program.

1993: Entered the automotive industry when it acquired certain assets used in the manufacture of vacuum pumps from a subsidiary of General Motors in the United Kingdom. Linamar Products Division (LPD) was established to manufacture vacuum pumps.

1994: MEZŐGÉP RT. purchased a new agricultural division in Békéscsaba which manufactured silage headers, agricultural knives, blades and complete scythes.

1995: Started to supply in-house machined components for automotive assemblies. LPD obtained the first Ford Q1 Preferred Quality Award to be awarded in Hungary.

1996: Started machining of oil pump housing components. Started production of complete grain headers. Finished development of its sunflower header.

1997: MEZOGEP RT went public and its shares started to be traded on the Budapest Stock Exchange under category "B".

1998: The Company expanded by establishing two new divisions: the Orosháza Automotive Division and the Precision Part Manufacturing Division (PPM). The Orosháza Automotive Division was established on January 1, 1998 for the purpose of machining automotive components and other precision-machined components. On October 9, 1998, PPM was established at the Company's Békéscsaba facility as a result of a new contract received from Newage International Ltd, an English company. The PPM facility is 4,540 m2 in size. Linamar Product Division obtained its QS 9000 certification in February 1998.The Company was awarded a contract for the production of variable transmission components - the GM CVT project.

1999: Finished 7,000 square meter expansion of the manufacturing area for LPD. Building expansion at Orosháza Agricultural Division allowed work previously done in smaller workshops to be consolidated in one facility of 12,800 square meters.

2000: Two of the Company's automotive divisions, PPM and Orosháza Automotive Division both achieved QS 9000 certification.

2001: Following a three-year-long developing and testing work, preparations for GM CVT project start-up were completed. The Company obtained ISO 14001 certification. MEZOGEP RT. completed its 10 billion HUF investment process and as a result of this the Company benefits from an income tax exemption for another ten years.

2002: Production was started on two major automotive projects: the GM CVT parts and the turbo housing. Two of the Company's automotive divisions achieved the ISO/TS 16949 certification. The Company merged the two agricultural divisions under one administration, for the purpose of cost rationalization. The strategic goal of the agricultural equipment division is to reduce its susceptibility to seasonal fluctuations in the agricultural market through the expansion of its product lines to include the building of equipment for a much broader market. The agricultural division started the production of elevator platforms, and began the manufacturing of subassemblies for building-trade and earthwork machines.

2003: The Company changed its name from Mezogep to Linamar Hungary on July 8,2003. The Company, in order to be able to supply the higher automotive demand, made a decision on building a new plant in its facility in Békéscsaba.The investment meant a plant expansion at its PPM division. Construction started in July 2003 and the 5,700 square meter new workshop was finished in October; the infrastructure was completed in the middle of November and the technical hand over of the 1,200 square meter office block occurred in early December.

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